Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome to our new blog!

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I’ve worked for Pete for the last six months or so. I started before the season had begun, when all the paper work had to be filled out, certifications had to be renewed, crop plans had to be made and C.S.A. memberships were flowing in daily. My participation at the farm then was all office work, yet as spring began to show some signs of arriving, the outside work soon began to start as well.
This is my first experience on a farm; I came up from Queens three years ago to attend SUNY New Paltz and soon found that this town has a lot to offer besides an education.
Although this season has only begun, I am thrilled to be here, and am already working harder than any job I’ve ever had before.
I look forward to writing on this blog, to document this summer of growth, to share my experience of being on this farm, and share news and events with its readers.
We hope to hear from you, as well. The community is a large part of this farm, and we encourage you to leave your comments, and even write your own entries and send them to us so we can post them. We would love to share many perspectives on this farm as possible.
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Joan T said...

Welcome Sarah! This is such a great idea...just think how easy you are making vegetable pick up for all of us....and menu planning as well. Thank you Pete also....I always admire those who know when to ask for help....hiring Sarah to relieve you from paperwork is a good thing!
Any possibility of recipes being posted by fellow farm members? Joan T