Friday, June 28, 2013

The Season is Coming Together

Hi everyone,
Please remember Ian and Mary Kate tomorrow (Saturday) -- they are getting married so the farm is closed. Hopefully the steady rain tonight isn't going to affect the dance floor!

I've got some fun pictures to share for this week. First, meet Beth. She usually works in the field but is helping out today to allow Delaney time to prepare for her brother's wedding.
Beth at the Farm Stand
Beth working
Beth is working hard.
Tada, Carrots!
Glamorous Ana was also working at the stand today. I can't do this blog without a few pictures of Ana! Here's she is...
Ana getting carrots
Ana getting carrots.
Ana working
Ana working hard, sporting fit legs and hot pink shoe laces
Today I got a great selection of beets along with their lovely greens which I put into soup or combine with other greens and cook,  onions, french crisp lettuce, english shelling peas (fresh green peas!), and lots more. There was even squash this week, so things are starting to come in.

Some weeks when I am picking up my share, the much Mor bread is sold out. I'm glad that everyone enjoys the bread so much, but maybe I'll get a loaf next week! I hear that soon there will be a second vendor to alleviate the bread shortage. Of course, the recipes will be different, but it will give more people a chance to buy the freshest bread possible.

It's getting warmer!
88 degrees F??? Really?

I want to share these last two photos:
Beautiful skies over the farm after the rain last night

The same onions from April 28th -- they are getting bigger!

July 4th, 5th, 6th

I am told that the farm stand will operate normal hours during this holiday weekend. So, please feel free to come on Thursday July 4th to receive your share! See everyone next week!

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