Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week 8

Hi folks,
It's hard to believe we're into week 8 of the pick up season. I hope everyone's been enjoying the food. I understand from talking to Delaney that the super hot weather two weeks ago did affect some of the crops. Several crops are maturing quicker than expected. This means that some things, like beans, are shorter than normal as they've progressed too quickly past their growing stage and have moved into their seed stage. Also, some crops were sunburn or the flowers fell off. Consequently, some fruits have black spots that lead to easy rotting and other plants, like the eggplant, didn't develop new fruit. So, the farm has to wait for the cycle of nature to proceed in its course. Don't worry, there is still food to share.

This week there were lovely sungold tomatoes.
It was very wet on the farm Thursday when I was there. If you came on Thursday you know what I mean -- puddles were everywhere. It looked quiet and wet that day.
But even in the rain, there were lots of things growing:
Celery, I think.


Beets or maybe Chard. I confess I'm not sure.

Such beautiful string beans. Let's hope they keep growing.


The flowers are really starting to come in. Be sure you pick some. If you're a member -- regular or farm card member -- you can pick some for free. Otherwise there's a small fee per u-pick bunch.


There are a few new items you might notice at the Farm Stand this week. First, some incredibly lovely looking maple syrup from Bluefield Farm. I don't know how big the supply is, so it get while you can. I got some for myself, so once I taste it I'll publish the rundown in the blog.
For you meat eaters out there, Dancing Ewe farm has produced some interesting sausages. If you get one of these, give us a comment in the blog about how you liked it.

You may know Evan's Farmhouse for their milk and cream, but now they have also produced some organic salted butter. Try some!
A new product from Evan's Farmhouse.
You may have already tried their milk.

 Don't forget about the Full Moon Farm Meat.
Thanks for reading the blog. Delaney and Ana thank you for keeping them hard at work. See you next week!

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