Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lots o'Cucumbers

At the Farm Stand

When I went to the farm stand today, there were so many cucumbers! They looked so cool...I couldn't wait to eat one.
Dare I as a cucumber.
There were also fresh potatoes. It's amazing how good a potato tastes when it's young and fresh. I hope you get to try some.
Don't forget to eat the skin.

Little red ones -- so fast and easy to cook.
And the garlic is ready!

Really beautiful!
Kale and cabbage are new this week. There are still lots of squash, spring onions, spinach, chard, and other insanely fresh items. So get what you like and plan your recipes.

In the Herb Garden and Fields

I saw lots of bees at work, but my pictures were blurry so I won't post them. I'll try to get better ones in the future. But, I was able to get pictures of these lovely butterflies.

Is this sage that the butterfly is enjoying?
And, look at this awesome little ladybug doing her thing:
Healthy Plants with Healthy Bugs!
The tomatoes are coming right along! I bet we'll have tomatoes before we know it.
tomato plants
Blooming Tomato Plants

People at the Farm Stand

Pete was interviewed in this week's New Paltz Times. (I think that's the correct paper...) I am looking forward to reading it. Buy a local paper and check it out!!
Pete and Ana

I can't let any blog go by without a picture of Ana and Delaney. You get to decide which is which...feel free to put your guess in the comments!

See you next week! I think there might be chicken pictures...

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