Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Season is Starting

The first pick up day of the season is upon us — the day we've been waiting for has arrived!

The first day for the farm stand will be Thursday June 5th. The stand will be open on the follow days each week:

Thursday:  8am - 7pm
Friday:  8am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 3pm

If you're a Taliaferro Farms CSA member, please come and pick up your share!
If you're an interested foodie but not yet a member, please come and see the
beautiful produce and purchase whatever strikes your fancy. Prices for public shoppers are listed on the board behind the counter.

And, don't forget to cut herbs, visit the chickens, and purchase non-vegetable
items from the carefully selected local vendors. Your money stays in the community when you spend it here, and the products are fresh and wholesome.

Who am I and What's with all the Tractors?

You may wonder who is writing this blog. I am Leigh, a member of the Taliaferro Farms CSA for several years. Sometimes Robin Taliaferro will write here, too, but I think you'll be able to tell our posts apart. When I first joined the CSA, I was just starting to get interested in food. After my first pickup, I was so amazed at the quality and freshness of the food that it really focused my resolve to eat locally and as fresh as possible. Now, I am happy to be able to share my experience at the farm through this blog. (If you want to see any photos larger, just click on them.)

One of my big obsessions is tractors. I saw these two tractors while I was visiting the farm recently.
New Holland Tractor, blue

old orange tractor
I don't know much about them, but I loved the contrast.

Here's something neat Pete showed me under the seat of the orange tractor:
Robin's nest under tractor seat

close up of Robin's nest
I will look to see if the eggs hatched safely when I'm there Thursday!

Things are growing! I can't wait to meet all the new members and say hello to returning members. I'm not the best with faces and names, so if I don't recognize you please accept my apologies in advance.
protected crops
Things are growing!

homemade scarecrow
Don't lay down on the job Mr. Scarecrow! We need you.


OK, I have a second "obsession", which is with chickens. I threatened last year to do a chicken bonanza blog, but I never did. So, instead, I'm going to use selections from my massive collection of chicken photos to sign every blog. I hope someone will follow this blog and/or comment so I'll write things that are more interesting! See everyone this week. --Leigh
Chicken Bonanza
It was a HOT day in 2013.
Chicken Bonanza
Taken same day as above. A bit hot...but the chickens make the best of it.

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