Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Delaney returns to the blog

Hi folks! This is Leigh, your friendly blog writer, or as someone called me recently "that man obsessed with taking pictures of Ana".

Well, since I don't want to be remembered as someone obsessed with Ana (not to suggest that Ana isn't worthy of obsession), I decided I better take some pictures of Delaney! Plus, I know that people who read the blog have been wanting to see her. So, I made a special trip to the farm stand last Saturday to get a glimpse of the studious Delaney who has been in class every Thursday when I'm normally there taking pictures.

Here are the pictures we've been waiting for!!!

Delaney told me she is going to be in a play at Ulster County Community College. She will post some details at the farm stand and I'll mention it in the blog. So, keep an eye out for that and plan to check Delaney out and support the actors at UCCC.

Delaney was worried about her hair, but reader will agree it looks amazing!
So blonde and curly and long!

Gotta love those boots!

Three Sensational Sisters

While I was there on Saturday, these 3 sisters were having fun on the swingset and helping their Mom gather herbs.

They are Anna-Grace, Rory, and Alana. Three swings and three happy girls!

Say hello if you see them at the farm stand!


Well, besides my on-going obsession with Ana and Delaney (ooops, did I say that out loud), I also enjoy looking at the tractors. This one was all geared up to till some soil in preparation for winter.

Well, that's all for this mid-week post. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures of Delaney and also the happy Gerber sisters. Pete and Robin will have details about next year's shares and farm cards on the website soon. I'll write about it here too.


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