Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Farm-To-Table-Dinner on the farm

It is June 31st and we have had enough rain. Hopefully we get a stretch of warm dry days.

Over the years, Pete has worked to come up with something new to help bring in more revenue so that the farm can continue. We have added markets, we have tried new configurations of shares, farm pick-ups and days. We have added new products, we have added new vegetables. This year we are going to do some Farm-To-Table Dinners, right here on the farm.

Our goal is to do 2 dinners in July and 2 dinners in August. If they go well, we will try some more in September and October. We want to host the first dinner ourselves. So to that end our first Farm-To-Table dinner will be on Saturday July 11th from 6:30-10:00.  The evening will start with a glass of sparkling wine and a tour of the farm with Pete, and then a 4 course dinner will follow located on our back porch.

Go to the Taliaferro Farm web-site for all the particulars. The information will be posted on the web in the next couple of days

Dakota planting seeds one-at-a-time in the green house on a rainy day.