Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Nice Break in the Weather

Wow, I was not in New York last week. I think that turned out to be a good thing. I watched the news and it looked super hot. I asked Pete about it this week and he said that it was really tough on the crops last week in the heat. Even the chickens don't like that kind of heat. And Ana said she was drooping in the Farm Stand.

This week, thankfully seems to be much more comfortable.
Ana is glad it's cooler!

There was still plenty of good produce to go around even after last week's heat. I saw carrots, romano beans, beets, potatoes, squash, onions (still drying, so leave the stem on them until you use them), bell peppers, and I think I even saw eggplant. Here's some peppers in the field.
Peppers in the field.
I noticed these newly planted seedlings. I can't tell what they are. Any guesses?
unknown seedlings
New Plants...What are they going to be?
The tomatoes in the back fields are starting to have little baby tomatoes. Finally! I can't wait until they're ready. I love a fresh, real slicing tomato...not those boring hard things you are so often faced with.
If you look hard you can see the baby tomatoes.

David on the Tractor

You may recall David from the videos at the bottom of the July 4th post when it was his 17th birthday. Today, he was driving the classic Farmall tractor!
David on the classic Farmall tractor.

Local Vendors

As you know, there are lots and lots of local vendors who provide products for members to purchase and enjoy. I've personally sampled 2 different goat cheeses, quark, hard cheese, quiche, cream, granola, cookies, and much Mor bread. I've also sampled wine from Adair Wines. He's usually here on every other Thursday (perhaps even more often) to sell wine to go with your awesome vegetables and other farm items.
Ready to serve, tastings that is.
Several types to choose from.

Delaney is off to Virginia to visit her cousin and so is not at the Farm Stand this week. We miss her, but know that she's having fun without us. Lastly, I finish with a photo of Ana checking out the wine offerings.

More blog pictures next week!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chicken Bonanza

I'm not able to pick up my share this week, so I don't have any pictures of this week's produce. I also don't have any pictures of Delaney and Ana, which might make you stop reading right now. I know it's no consolation, but I have been collecting chicken pictures since the day of the picnic and I thought I'd share some of them today. So, for all you chicken fans, here they are.
This series was taken during the Picnic. It was raining and the chickens were pretty wet.

The next 4 photos were from Opening Day pickup.

This last set was taken during the third pickup week.

I actually have even more chicken pictures, but I think 18 photos of chickens is enough for one blog post. If you're a chicken fan, I hope you'll enjoy these! See you next week.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lots o'Cucumbers

At the Farm Stand

When I went to the farm stand today, there were so many cucumbers! They looked so cool...I couldn't wait to eat one.
Dare I as a cucumber.
There were also fresh potatoes. It's amazing how good a potato tastes when it's young and fresh. I hope you get to try some.
Don't forget to eat the skin.

Little red ones -- so fast and easy to cook.
And the garlic is ready!

Really beautiful!
Kale and cabbage are new this week. There are still lots of squash, spring onions, spinach, chard, and other insanely fresh items. So get what you like and plan your recipes.

In the Herb Garden and Fields

I saw lots of bees at work, but my pictures were blurry so I won't post them. I'll try to get better ones in the future. But, I was able to get pictures of these lovely butterflies.

Is this sage that the butterfly is enjoying?
And, look at this awesome little ladybug doing her thing:
Healthy Plants with Healthy Bugs!
The tomatoes are coming right along! I bet we'll have tomatoes before we know it.
tomato plants
Blooming Tomato Plants

People at the Farm Stand

Pete was interviewed in this week's New Paltz Times. (I think that's the correct paper...) I am looking forward to reading it. Buy a local paper and check it out!!
Pete and Ana

I can't let any blog go by without a picture of Ana and Delaney. You get to decide which is which...feel free to put your guess in the comments!

See you next week! I think there might be chicken pictures...

Friday, July 5, 2013

summer squash

Special this July 4th week-end is Summer Squash. It is so delicious!! 
Cut into wedges and marinate with Italian dressing and grill, saute just until cooked and still a little crunchy and toss with some sauteed onions and some pasta, sprinkle with grated cheese...Yummm!  Or steam until just cooked and toss with some sunflower seeds and butter.
Soooo come on out to the market and get some summer squash!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer is in Swing

Everyone reported that Ian and Mary Kate's wedding was a great success. The weather cooperated and everyone said "I do" with gusto. The guests were well fed and celebrated late into the night. We wish them great years ahead.

Today's Produce

Lots of great things available today. Squash, cucumbers, chard, english peas, summer spinach, french crisp lettuce, onions, lettuce mix, pac choi, carrots, broccoli, garlic scapes, and beets. And we're back to choice of units.
Unit Board

Beautiful striped green squash

yellow Pattypan squash
Pattypan squash, great for stuffing, baking, or slicing and steaming


Sarah's chickens

You may remember the pictures of Sarah's chicks from May 1st. Well, the chicks have had their day in the sun and now they are ready for your dinner table.

Sarah is proud of her chickens.

much Mor bread:

Last week they were sold out when I got there, but I was lucky enough to get a loaf today. Mor's bread is dense and 100% organic grains. I love it toasted. I am hearing that there will be a second vendor soon so there will be more insanely fresh bread available.

Ombucha Kombucha:

An interesting fermented drink. It looks lovely...

Noelani enjoys the Ombucha

Adair Wines:

Adair Vineyard will return on July 18th; bring your cash or credit card as the farm card cannot be used to purchase alcohol...
Wine, another fermented beverage

A great selection. I bought the Mountain White last month and loved it.

Bluefields Farm Chevre:

I am trying this today! It looks so good.

Growing Things

It's hot -- it's so hot that I didn't want to take a picture of the thermometer. It's not too bad in the shade, but alas, there is not much use for shade on a farm. I think things are growing!

flowers just coming up
Flowers growing, to be picked later this summer.

Greenhouse with young plants

Greenhouse with lettuce

These rows just got weeded. Pete tells me he spends about $1000 each week just to keep thing weeded.
newly weeded rows
Just weeded
These rows just got harvested and may end up in your bag this week.
Just harvested
Just harvested
Squash ready for picking -- the bins are waiting.
mature squash plants

Planting Melons -- Videos too!

I visited a field a few blocks away from the main farm. There David and Ian were preparing the field for melons. It was David's 17th birthday today! Here's a photo, but be sure to click the link below for more photos & videos.
David working on his 17th birthday. Ian working after his wedding last weekend.