Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Flowers

Wow -- I just checked the number of hits for last weeks post and I see that people are reading this blog! My apologies for being behind with this week's blog. Normally I have the new post done by the end of Thursday. I hope people return and read next week when I expect to be back on schedule. 


I cut more flowers for myself this week. They are really looking great. Here are some of my favorite photos:

I really like how this one has multiple colors in it.


There were no tomatoes today but there were loads of other great items. This week there were sweet potatoes, radishes, acorn squash, empire apples, and even kale salad. What is kale salad? I'm not entirely sure. I think it's small young kale that you can eat without cooking. I got some this week so I'll let you know. There was also arugula, spaghetti squash, beans, poblano peppers, watermelons, hot peppers, beets, and a few more things I believe.

Fingers and Fingerling Potatoes

Some people have asked how to cook spaghetti squash.

When I cook them, I leave the entire squash intact. I try to poke a few holes in the skin either with a fork or sometimes just with the tip of my knife. Then I put the entire squash into the 350 degree oven. I do bake the squash on a dish or sheet just in case some liquid oozes out.

Depending on the exact temperature you use, the squash may take 30 minutes or more to cook. It's done if you can smell it, or if a fork can pierce the skin easily. I pull it out and let it sit for about 10 minutes before I cut into it. I cut it lengthwise and then scoop out the seeds. Once the seeds are out, you can scoop out the flesh and separate the 'strings' for a nice presentation. I'm no chef, so take my directions with a grain of salt!

The cooked flesh will separate apart into string-like shapes. The texture is not stringy, only the shape is stringy. The texture is actually quite soft and I think the taste is similar to yellow squash.

~Meat and Butter~

Don't forget about the fresh products provided by nearby vendors. If you like meat, you're bound to appreciate this amazing sausage from Dancing Ewe Farm.

Dancing Ewe Farm sausage

And remember Sarah's chickens? I hear they are extremely tasty. Spice up your regular chicken dinners with these special raised chickens.
Sarah's chickens

Lately, the farm stand has been able to procure a supply of organic butter from Evans' Farmhouse. If you're not into making your own butter, this is the way to go.
Evans' Farmhouse organic butter


Pete was working on this John Deere 520 tractor today. I wasn't able to find much information about it online. Does anyone know about this tractor?

David and Pete heading to more work


You might have heard some banging and buzzing when you were picking up your share. That was likely the noise of Jens and his colleague repairing the apple bins. These things don't last forever! Good thing that Pete has the help of these competent handymen.

If you look really closely, you'll see a little woolly caterpillar crawling around the apple bin in the picture.
woolly caterpillar
Woolly Caterpillar! aka "Woolly Bear"
I have heard that this is a sign of winter and cold weather on the way. Actually, I saw one of these near my house almost 3 weeks ago. I was shocked to see one so early.

I didn't get to see Delaney this week either. She was still at school!

But I got this nifty photo of Ana. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flowers Peaking


The flowers are hitting their peak. It's an especially great time to come for the zinnias and the black eyed susans (I think that's what these are). 
Black Eyed Susans

There are other flowers coming very quickly, or available already, including sunflowers.


While I was cutting some flowers for myself, I saw the largest dragonfly I've ever seen. I could see the double pair of wings flapping but it was flying over my head and I couldn't get a photograph. I wish I could have shown it to you! It seemed very happy flying over the farm.

~Great Food~

The tomatoes may be on their last legs. Although there were plenty of tomatoes today to choose from, including some seconds, when I walked onto the farm I saw that one of the big fields of tomatoes had been plowed under. Last week they were looking pretty tired so I guess their time had come.

Besides tomatoes, I saw beets, eggplants, beans, squash, arugula, spaghetti squash, lettuce, spinach, potatoes, yellow watermelons, and poblano peppers. There may be more or less things there when you get there! It always depends on the weather and what the hard working laborers are able to get out of the field. 

Green Goodness Spaghetti Squash

 The spaghetti squash are very sweet this year. Robin has wonderful cooking instructions and a recipe in the newsletter. These squash are so good!

I also think the apples are particularly good this year. Try some!
There were even some nifty hot peppers. Don't forget to use gloves when you chop them...

~Working People~

Of course the farm is a complicated web of producer and consumer. You are the consumer. Here are two producers, Ian and Paul.
Here is Paul working with the tractor.
There are other workers and I hope one day to have their photos here. In the meantime, give them a wave, nod, or hello when you pass by them on your way to or from the farm stand.

Of course, this blog isn't really complete without Ana and Delaney. Delaney has class on the days I've been going to the farm, so that's why her photos have been missing. Ana is doing a brilliant job taking care of the farm stand alone. She took a few moments today to smell the flowers. You should too.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 14 (already?!)

(I was finally able to edit the photo sizes.)

Well, it was hot today (Thursday). I'm hoping it's cooler for you tomorrow.

I was supposed to post some chicken pictures last week while I was away on a trip, but things got complicated and I didn't have as much internet as I hoped. So, my chicken pictures will have to wait. Here's a preview...

Food today

I was gone last week and really missed my fresh food. I was so happy to get there today and see all the great items available today. The lettuce was beautiful, as was the spinach, beets, eggplant, and squash. There were apples, watermelons, and tomatoes. The poblano peppers looked really wonderful, but I wasn't able to get a good photograph.

There were some seconds there today. I don't know if they will still be there tomorrow, but here is one of the eggplant seconds. They were so big!


The flowers are starting to come in. Some are already here. I cut myself a bouquet today. Cut your own bouquet as part of your share if you're a member, or cut for a small fee.


It was pretty busy when I was there around 11am today. Delaney was away at school -- I guess I better come at another time so I can get a photo of her. But Ana was working hard and here's a great photo.

I'll be back next week with a new blog. What should I write about? What do people want to know about?