Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring seems to be here! 

Renewed Blog Writing:

Hello everyone! There are 2 people writing for the blog this season -- Robin [Taliaferro] and Leigh [CSA member]. This is Leigh writing today. (In case you like to put faces with names, Robin and I are both in one of the road clean up photos below.) We hope to resurrect this blog and talk more about the farm.

Renewed Growing Season:

I took a photo last week and another of the same field this week. Check out the difference:

bare ground
1 week ago ~ April 21

growing things
Today ~ April 28 (it was a little dark when I took this picture sorry)
I was so excited to see the little shoots coming out of the ground. Just wait -- in a few weeks we'll be able to eat these...whatever they are! I'm not really a gardener so I don't recognize things until they get bigger.

I hope to put new photos up every week or so and write about things I see at the farm. Thankfully the days are getting longer so I should have a better chance to take photos before it gets too dark.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Planting has started on the farm. Pete has greens in the field as well as shell peas and snap peas. He also has greens planted in the green houses for transplanting later. Sarah is expecting her first batch of chickens this week and is making the finishing touches on the brooding houses. We need some warm weather!

Earth Day on the farm 2013

Earth Day at the Farm
Earth Day at the Farm!

A big thank you to Leigh, Bill, Maureen and Mike!
208 is cleaned up.

Our fearless leader! Thank you for organizing Earth Day clean-up.