Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring seems to be here! 

Renewed Blog Writing:

Hello everyone! There are 2 people writing for the blog this season -- Robin [Taliaferro] and Leigh [CSA member]. This is Leigh writing today. (In case you like to put faces with names, Robin and I are both in one of the road clean up photos below.) We hope to resurrect this blog and talk more about the farm.

Renewed Growing Season:

I took a photo last week and another of the same field this week. Check out the difference:

bare ground
1 week ago ~ April 21

growing things
Today ~ April 28 (it was a little dark when I took this picture sorry)
I was so excited to see the little shoots coming out of the ground. Just wait -- in a few weeks we'll be able to eat these...whatever they are! I'm not really a gardener so I don't recognize things until they get bigger.

I hope to put new photos up every week or so and write about things I see at the farm. Thankfully the days are getting longer so I should have a better chance to take photos before it gets too dark.