Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Nice Break in the Weather

Wow, I was not in New York last week. I think that turned out to be a good thing. I watched the news and it looked super hot. I asked Pete about it this week and he said that it was really tough on the crops last week in the heat. Even the chickens don't like that kind of heat. And Ana said she was drooping in the Farm Stand.

This week, thankfully seems to be much more comfortable.
Ana is glad it's cooler!

There was still plenty of good produce to go around even after last week's heat. I saw carrots, romano beans, beets, potatoes, squash, onions (still drying, so leave the stem on them until you use them), bell peppers, and I think I even saw eggplant. Here's some peppers in the field.
Peppers in the field.
I noticed these newly planted seedlings. I can't tell what they are. Any guesses?
unknown seedlings
New Plants...What are they going to be?
The tomatoes in the back fields are starting to have little baby tomatoes. Finally! I can't wait until they're ready. I love a fresh, real slicing tomato...not those boring hard things you are so often faced with.
If you look hard you can see the baby tomatoes.

David on the Tractor

You may recall David from the videos at the bottom of the July 4th post when it was his 17th birthday. Today, he was driving the classic Farmall tractor!
David on the classic Farmall tractor.

Local Vendors

As you know, there are lots and lots of local vendors who provide products for members to purchase and enjoy. I've personally sampled 2 different goat cheeses, quark, hard cheese, quiche, cream, granola, cookies, and much Mor bread. I've also sampled wine from Adair Wines. He's usually here on every other Thursday (perhaps even more often) to sell wine to go with your awesome vegetables and other farm items.
Ready to serve, tastings that is.
Several types to choose from.

Delaney is off to Virginia to visit her cousin and so is not at the Farm Stand this week. We miss her, but know that she's having fun without us. Lastly, I finish with a photo of Ana checking out the wine offerings.

More blog pictures next week!

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