Friday, June 6, 2014

First Day Success for Community Supported Agriculture!

Reminder: Open days this week: Thursday (8am - 7pm), Friday (9am - 6pm), Saturday (9am - 3pm)

I went to the farm today and saw many green growing plants! It is always so nice to see how alive everything is.
squash plants

Delaney was there, but she tells me that college is keeping her busy and she won't be working at the Farm Stand this year. I also understand that Ana has new opportunities that will keep her away from the Farm Stand. Instead, we'll have John! I didn't get to meet him yet, but give him a hearty welcome.

Pete reminded me there are two young farmers partnering with the farm. Dakota and Mira are currently concentrating on raising chickens (the eating kind). They built an incredible chicken house by hand.
Dakota and Mira's hand-crafted chicken coop

Today at the Farm Stand: I saw chives, kale, pac choi and lettuce. Pac choi is a neat green that can be quickly stir fried. The early offerings are rounded out with kale, which we all know and love, and lettuce.

Next week: As weather conditions permit, as well as absence of excessive pests and deer, the hope is to harvest squash, snap peas, spinach, and arugula.

Don't forget to look for early flowers and herbs.

Want to be a Member? Consider joining by using the Farm Card membership. You can join online or just show up at the Farm Stand at 187 Plains Road, New Paltz, and sign up in person.

See you at the Farm!

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