Friday, June 13, 2014

Wet, but OK

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It was wet today at the farm just like it was everywhere else. Of course, it doesn't stop the work! There were a lot of people working in the fields today -- crops were being planted and crops were growing.
Spring Onions in the field

Beautiful Yellow Squash in the field
At the farm stand, I saw beautiful zucchini, lovely baby spinach, generous bunches of red Russian kale, garlic scapes, lettuce, and even some sweet green peas.

Please be aware that availability and conditions may affect what is offered when you arrive at the farm stand. I know Pete and Robin work hard to be sure there is enough to go around, but when it's rainy or planting is in full swing, sometimes a worker isn't able to get into the field to pick a second batch or there isn't quite enough sun to produce a second batch. So, some things I mention may not be there for you, but likewise something may be harvested after I'm there and you may have options I didn't.
Beautiful zucchini

Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes
Garlic scapes are the top of the garlic plant. Removing the scape helps the bulb of the garlic grow so that later we'll have lovely garlic. I had never seen garlic scapes until I joined the CSA. Now, I treat the top of the garlic as a delicacy! They are only available this time of year and, as best as I can tell, they store fairly well in the fridge. They are mild enough that you can mince them and put then directly into salad. You can also slice and cook with them in the same dishes where you would put garlic bulbs. If you like garlic even just a little bit, try the scapes.


Don't forget about the herbs. They are in the rows that are behind the swing set. You can borrow scissors at the counter. The oregano is thick and green and the sage has even flowered.
 Flowering sage

Some new thyme and lemon thyme has been planted and will be ready before you know it. Herbs are included with your membership, but it's something you get to pick for yourself.


John House is our new farm stand worker. He will be there Thursday and Friday until early afternoon. Robin will take over for John in the late afternoons and Saturdays. John has many years experience working on farms, including Brook Farm in New Paltz and farms in Oregon, Colorado, and California. 
Pete and John
When John is not at the farm, he also works with youth at the New Paltz Youth Program. John tells me he loves working in farming but also enjoys working with young people, and the two jobs keep him invigorated. Give John a warm welcome.

Tractors and Chickens (just for fun)

This chicken was talking to me!

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