Friday, June 14, 2013

Food Share

Hi folks, this is Leigh with the long blog post and lots of pictures. As always, click on the pictures for larger view and feel free to click the "comments" button at the bottom.

At my Thursday pick up there were lovely strawberries, snap peas, lettuce, onions, carrots, and spinach. It was raining super-hard (as I suspect you know!) and Pete mentioned that strawberries may run out since the fields were too wet to harvest more today. So, please understand that every day is different on the farm. The share items available may be slightly different from day to day during a week. Of course, Pete tries to make sure that there is plenty for everyone, but there are many variables that can affect availability. For example, this rain makes it difficult to harvest certain crops. At other times, planting may take precedence over picking, growth may be inhibited by overcast weather, pests can affect the harvest, or staff may be unavailable to pick. So, please understand if not everything is available every day. With that little blurb, here are some pictures of the wonderful food:
The rain may affect strawberry harvest this week.

Snap peas

Carrots...the tops are great for slow cooked soup (IMHO)


Farm Card

If you're wanting to become a member the easiest way is to get a Farm Card.
If you have any questions about the Farm Card, please ask someone at the farm stand. They can explain the entire system -- it's actually quite easy once you try it. It's a way to become a member without having to pay the entire cost up front. And, it helps the farm to have incremental income during the season. You'll be able to buy just what you need each week, so on the weeks you have company you can get more and on the weeks when you know you won't cook, you can get less.

Local Market Items

Besides all the lovely share items, there are lots of local market items you can purchase separately.  Here are just a few:
much Mor bread (100% organic grain)

Yummy picture doesn't do them justice

Honey from GJP Honey Farm in Gardiner!

Kombucha (Chai)

Pika's Quiche

People at the Farm!

The dog seems to be hoarding a dog.
These kids were just too cute for words. They were loving the puddles!

Ian and his sister Delaney:
And, last, but not least, Delaney and Ana hard at work:

Next time, watch for pictures of more cicadas if you can stand it, and maybe a surprising slug photograph.

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