Friday, June 7, 2013

Opening Day

Wow, I have so much to write about. Today was the first day of the 2013 Season. I went right to the farm this morning to pick up my share. There are many topics to cover and I can't do them all today, but I'll work them into future posts.

Food at the Pickup

There were strawberries, spinach, spring onions, lettuce, and garlic scapes. Everything looked so wonderful!


Garlic Scapes

Spring Onions



Also there herbs you can cut.
Sage, Flowering

And, there are extra items from local vendors which you can purchase separately. For example, bread,
 eggs, yogurt, milk, honey and more. Today, Adair Wines was here giving tastings of their wonderful wines. The grapes are grown in New Paltz and other fruits used are sourced locally. I liked it so much I bought a bottle! Adair Wines is hoping to be back at the farm on Thursdays (I forgot exactly which Thursdays...I'll try to find out and post it here).
Adair Vineyards Display

People at the Pickup

There were a lot of people at the pickup, but today I want to talk about all the people that make it happen.
Pete with tractor
Delaney and Sarah at the Farm Stand
Delaney and Sarah at the Farm Stand

Tractor loaded with work
More hard working folks with the tractor loaded for work.
Ana worked at the Farm Stand last year and says you may see here working some this year. But today, it was all about Glam at the Farm.
Ana wearing fancy plaid shirt and orange pants...with tractor.
Ana, all glam for the opening day.

Ana ready to get on the tractor wearing her fancy silver shoes.
Ana with her silver shoes...and tractor.

Crops on the Way

Onions - this is the front field from my picture on April 28th but now I can tell what it is.
Field can now be identified as onions.
Same field as in April 28th blog post.
Strawberry field

Strawberry Field View 2
Squash field

Squash blossom in field

Tomatoes, Lettuce, and Etc

Tomatoes and Lettuce in the field

Tomatoes in field

A nice view of the mountain
A nice view of the mountain and greenhouse.

Don't Forget About the Cicadas

I'm told that they have not been eating the crops. I wonder if that comes later though. I have a variety of photos to include for you. The first set shows the holes from which they emerge after their long hibernation, and their skins after they molt.
Cicada hole
Cicada skins on tree
Cicada skins on tree, view 2
Cicada skins on tree, view 3

Cicada skins which look like they march up the tree

When they molt, they gain their wings. Here is one I found today that was alive, though it seemed a little stunned, perhaps from being caught in the middle of a lawnmower. You can see the cool red eyes and the approximate size.

Live Cicada

Live Cicada view 2

Live Cicada with house key showing that its the same size as the key
I think this one is a little small though so I'll keep looking for bigger, juicier ones to photograph.

Robin had this link in the newsletter -- if you're into cicadas, check it out: or you can go straight to the video at

Big Family News

Robin wrote in the newsletter that Ian and Mary Kate are getting married! Congratulations!

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