Thursday, August 29, 2013

A damp day for a bounty of food

There was so much food today at the farm stand! I had a terrible time deciding what to take home and eat this week. There was lettuce, arugula, green beans, squash, peppers, spinach, beets, scallions,
scallions growing
Really lovely fat scallions growing
tomatoes, including heirloom type
heirloom tomatoes
Wonderful tasty tomatoes
and cherry tomatoes,
cherry tomatoes
Generous cherry tomatoes -- great for snacking
and cantaloupes.
ripe cantaloupes
Sweet, ripe cantaloupes
There weren't any watermelons but apples have arrived!
organic apples
Organic Apples
If you're wondering why they look "dusty" it's because Kaolin clay is sprayed on them to help keep pests and sun damage away. This is purely a surface spray and actually Kaolin clay is even used in some toothpastes; you can just wash it off the surface. These apples are organic, not the pesticide-produced apples so easy to find in this area. If you've ever been near an apple orchard when it's being sprayed with pesticides, you'll appreciate that Pete works hard to ensure his apples are not polluting the land or your body.

Other Products

The usual fun things from local and nearby vendors are available, including much Mor bread and biscotti, chevre goat-milk cheese, yogurt, Full Moon Farms meats, and Sarah's Chickens. I don't eat meat, but I've taken a poll and people have reported that Sarah's Chicken meat tastes wonderful.

sarah's chickens
Sarah's Chickens

much Mor bread's Biscotti


The flowers are beautiful! Be sure to cut some when you're there. There are plenty of things blooming now, and more on the way. I loved taking these photos. Click on them to make them bigger.


I was at the farm stand at my usual time today but it seemed about twice as busy as I'm used to. I saw so many people! I met Susan and we talked about experiences with mathematics (and food too). She was so nice to let me take photos of her! I hope you can see her positive energy in these pictures.

Susan aka Nanny
Susan (aka Nanny to some) enjoyed the tomatoes
Ana and Susan
Ana and Susan -- tons of positive energy.

Delaney was not working this morning because she's back in school. Her college classes have started so her time is now at a premium. Wish her luck in school when you see her.

I did get a nice photo of Ana, as always. Being there by herself with all the crowds of people, she was really working hard for the money today

Ana working
Hard Work!

Ana doing some calculations


School is starting everywhere, even for children and adolescents whose lives are unstable. The farm is collecting school supplies for the children staying with their moms at the women's shelter.  Help them start the school year without stress about having the right gear -- bring paper, pencils, 3-ring binders, notebooks, folders, pens, crayons, backpacks and anything you imagine your children needing to start school. There's a bin at the farm stand to take your collection.

I'll be away next week, but watch this blog for some interesting chicken photos instead of the usual farm stand photos. I take pictures of them every week and will choose the best ones just for you blog readers.

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