Thursday, August 22, 2013

Peppers have arrived

Hello Folks,

I had great fun at the farm today. There was the usual assortment of great produce. There were also seconds for tomatoes and cantaloupe. If you got some you're lucky! While I was there, many people came to get seconds. It seems a lot of people like to can. I am not a canner, but I do like to cook and freeze things. I got a bag of second tomatoes thinking I might make some tomato soup. I didn't make soup, but decided to stew tomatoes and eggplant. Everything I put into my pot today came from the farm!
Stewing tomatoes and eggplant with onions, garlic, basil. Later I put in squash too.
Speaking of farm-grown meals, Delaney made this picture of her lunch that came completely from the farm.
Delaney's lunch.
There were not any watermelons when I was there today. Hopefully there will be some in the field that we can have next week. Delaney seemed to think there would be more that can be harvested, but I didn't get a chance to ask Pete directly so don't hold me to that. In case you got a watermelon last week and by chance haven't cut it open, I bet it will look like this one I cut yesterday:

There were plenty of other really fresh yummy vegetables at the Farm Stand today. I got some really beautiful swiss chard, and some super-hot peppers.
Use Caution!
Speaking of peppers, I cut one of the slender ones and put it into my stewed eggplant and advice: use gloves when you slice them. I failed to use gloves and I didn't think it was a big deal because my hands didn't have any reaction at first. But about 20 minutes later, my fingers were on fire! You might also take that into consideration when you decide how much to put in your dish :)

Maybe the hot peppers aren't your thing. There were beautiful green, red, and yellow peppers as well.

I did not get a picture of the flowers, but they're starting to really come in. Members can gather flowers for free as part of their share, so come with a vase to take them home. Also, the herb garden has been weeded and is ready for harvest. Members can gather herbs for free. If you're not a member, you can still partake in the flowers & herbs for a fee.

I noticed that there was Quark this week. I've been missing it the last few weeks. If you have not used Quark before, it's a lot like sour cream, but it is more pure than what usually passes for 'sour cream' in the typical grocery store container (check the ingredients!). Also, it has a slightly different flavor, but I think it would go well in any dish or appetizer that calls for sour cream. Try it, I think you'll like it.


Pete was arriving from another field with David. They had one of the dogs in the back of the truck.
David back on the main farm. Pete already moving to the next thing on the list.

The dog is ready to be rubbed.
Ana and Delaney were busy while I was there. They were sorting vegetables, moving crates to refill empty bins, and checking people out. But they always take a few minutes to let me snap some photos. Enjoy these today!

See everyone next week! Happy eating...and be careful of those hot peppers.

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