Friday, August 16, 2013


Lots of great food, as usual, at the Farm Stand this week. I was very excited to find melons! Cantalopes and watermelons were there on Thursday.
I haven't tried my watermelon yet. I'm saving it a few days for a special dinner.

There were also great looking carrots, swiss chard (which I just cooked for dinner --- excellent), bite-sized tomatoes, and even some squash.  There were some large tomatoes too, but I admit I haven't tasted them yet.

While I was hanging out, I heard some people raving about Sarah's chickens. Be sure to pick up a package of chicken if you want to taste a well-raised chicken. Get some while you can.

And, if you recall the maple syrup I blogged about last week, I want to give it a review. I finally tried it this morning with my oatmeal. Oh my goodness! I think it may have been the best maple syrup I've ever had. If you like maple syrup, I urge you to get some and try it for yourself.


I admit that I'm starting to think that tractors look really cool. I saw Paul on the tractor and snapped a few pictures.
Paul hard at work.
I thought this tractor was cool enough that it merited its own closeup.
International diesel 274 tractor in use
International diesel 274 tractor in the field
Call me crazy, but I found out that other people take pictures of tractors. Check out this picture of an International diesel 274, which is the same as what Paul is driving. I read that this tractor had a retail price of OVER $10,000 in 1983. That's almost twice as much as a 1983 Toyota Corolla. I had no idea how much tractors cost.

Last But Not Least

Notice the tractor??
Gotta love the boots!
That's it for this week! What does everyone want to hear about? More chickens? More tractors? A nice list of what's there when I'm there?? Feel free to leave comments below. Just press the "No Comments" so you can change it to "1 Comments".

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